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Dec 21, 2018

Hey Weight Loss Nation!


What Does the Color of My Poop Mean?


Here we are towards the end of December!

Wow! The Holiday season is cranking.

Today, I’m going to be speaking to you about the COLOR of your Poop.

That’s right….the COLOR of your Poop.

It’s important to know about what the color of your Poop means.

We all are familiar with the shades of Brown Poop. The oh-so-familiar brown poop.

Brown Poop is NORMAL!

But…….what about the other colors Poop can be?

Let’s take a look at some other colors your Poop may be.


  1. Yellow

If you see that your Poop has some shades of Yellow, you may have eaten a meal that was extremely high in fat. Yellow Poop could also mean your intestine is not absorbing nutrients properly. You could also have Celiac Disease or another Digestive issue. Call your Doctor if you see Yellow Poop more than one time.


  1. White, Pale or Clay colored Poop

Your Bile Duct could be blocked or you may not be producing enough Bile.

If you see White Mucos on top of the Brown colored stool, this could be normal or …….. it could also be a sign of a Crohn’s Disease Flare-Up.

Crohn’s Disease can cause ulcers in your intestine, which causes an over production of mucus. The mucus may be present in your stool.
If you see Mucus in your stool every once in awhile, that could be normal.

But……if you see Mucus in your stool more than once in a while, you should contact your Doctor.

If you have whitish, bland looking Poop…….Combined with Abdominal Pain, Fever with or without vomiting…..You should seek medical attention right away! That could be a sign of Appendicittis….or some other type of serious digestive issue.


  1. Green

A little Green color in your Poop……is just fine.

If you see very Green Poop…you may have eaten lots of Green Vegetables……OR……you could be passing your stool too quickly  through your intestine, which means the Bile is unable to break down the fats properly.

Certain Infections … those caused by the Bacterium – Salmonella or the parasite “Giardia,” can cause your stool to be green in color. 

If you haven't eaten anyting "Green" and you see Green Poop, Contact your Doctor.


  1. Black

If you have taken “Iron” tablets…..or……you have taken “Pepto Bismol,” you’ll likely see “Black” colored Poop…..which is a harmless side effect.

If there was a time you were having an emotional overload and you gave in and ate a bag of Oreo’s……you may possibly see Black colored Poop.

So……if you ate Dark Brown or Black Colored foods… may see Black Poop.

But……if your Poop is Black, which has a more liquidy and “Tarry” looking Stool consistency.... and has a strong smell……This is a sign of bleeding in your gastrointestinal system and you should call your Doctor ASAP.


  1. Red

If you had Beets with Dinner or you drank a glass of Tomato Juice last night, you may see the color “Red” in your Poop.

If you see Redish colored Poop and you DID NOT eat Red colored food or drinks, you could be Bleeding!

You could have Hemorrhoids, colon polyps or Anal Fissures.

Anal Fissures are small tears in the lining of your Anus, which are caused by straining during a bowel movement. You are literally trying to pass a large, hard stool and it may cause tearing of the lining.

If you have large amounts of blood in your stool or you see a large amount of blood in the toilet, you may require immediate Medical attention. Contact your Doctor.


Eating foods with colored “Dye” may cause your Poop to have that color in it.

Be aware of what you have eaten and start noticing the color of your Poop!


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