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Welcome to The Weight Loss Nation!

Mar 30, 2018

Hey Weight Loss Nation!

I was a speaker and attendee at the Podfest Multimedia Expo this past February in Orlando, Florida.

On the last day of Podfest, we had a classic "roast" for one of podcasting's pioneers.....Dave Jackson!

Dave Jackson hosts "The School of Podcasting," which is a fantastic podcast, which teaches you how to podcast. Dave has been podcasting for over 12 years!

I know.....I didn't even know what a podcast was 3 years ago! Now, I'm hosting two shows!

Anyway........Dave Jackson has another podcast (he has like 15 different shows) called "Logical Weight Loss." 

During the "roast," I was really giving it to Dave, because he has had this weight loss podcast for several years, but he doesn't lose weight!

The roast was all in good fun. My fellow "roasters" had the room rolling in laughter. Dave took all the jokes and jabs really good. He's an awesome guy and a good friend!

After the ceremonies were over, Dave came up to me and told me he was so glad I was kidding him about his weight loss show during the "roast." 

Dave said I inspired him to really get healthy and to lose the weight he's been trying to lose the past few years. 

Then later on, one of my other podcast buddies - Jonathan Oakes, who is the host of the world known "Trivial Warfare" podcast; comes up to me and says I inspired him during the "roast" and he wants to lose weight. I was! Good for Jonathan.

Jonathan had me and Glenn "the geek," from Horse Radio Network on Trivial Warfare.

It was me and Glenn against Jonathan. 

I had previously considered myself to be pretty darn good at trivia. I would do excellent on Jeopardy or at playing Trivial Pursuit.

When I got on Trivial Warfare......I felt like I was as dumb as a rock! I was losing my mind! I made such stupid mistakes!

You have to listen to the episode. You'll laugh your butt off!

Here's the link to the episode:

Then even later of my other buddies, Niel Guilarte, the director of "The Messengers - A Podcast Documentary," and the "All Things Post" Podcast starts talking to me about his weight loss journey.

Niel tells me he really wants to hit his weight loss goal of 100 pounds, and that I inspired him from the "roast."

If I knew I was going to be so inspiring, I would have had an entire session about weight loss at the conference!

I wanted to help my buddies on their weight loss journey, so I asked each of them how I could help.

Each one of them said they wanted to be "accountable." I brought up the idea of a "challenge," and that was all I had to say.

Dave Jackson, Jonathan Oakes and Niel Guilarte are in!

The Weight Loss Nation Podcaster's Challenge is officially on!

Three men....three Podcast icons.....are fighting for their life to get healthy!

Here's the criteria I have set.

Each contestant will be measured in the following three areas:

1.  Blood Pressure

     If a contestant has a blood pressure reading of          120/80 or better.....the contestant will receive          five (5) points.

     If a contestant has a blood pressure reading of 122/82 up to 128/88, the contestant will receive two (2) points.

    If a contestant has a blood pressure reading of 130/90 or higher.....NO points will be awarded.

    In fact, I'll probably call in the paramedics!

2. BMI - Body Mass Index

    Body Mass Index is a formula that takes the height and weight of the person and the percentage of fat in their bodies and awards a range.

    A Body Mass Index of 18.5 - 25.0 is considered to be "normal."

   If a contestant's Body Mass Index is between 18.5 and 25.0 they will be awarded five (5) points.

   If a contestant's Body Mass Index is between 25.1 -29.9, the contestant will be awarded one (1) point.

   Finally, if a contestant's Body Mass Index is 30.0 or higher, no points will be awarded, since they are considered "obese."

3.  AC1 Blood Test

The AC1 Blood Test measures the level of Glucose in your blood over the past two months.

An AC1 level of 5.6 or less is considered to be "normal." If a contestant has an AC1 range between 5.6 or less, they will receive 10 points.

An AC1 level of 5.7 - 6.4 indicates "Pre-Diabetes." If a contestant has an AC1 range between 5.7 - 6.4, they will receive one (1) point.

Finally, an AC1 level of 6.5 or higher, this is an indication of Diabetes and no points will be given. 

In fact, I'll be calling the paramedics in again!

The most points a contestant can achieve is 20.

If by some chance....there is a tie.....we will have a playoff......

The contestants will have to do "sit ups" on stage!

The most sit ups in a minute will determine the overall winner!

I haven't figured out what the prizes will be....maybe something good.....maybe a "Zonk." 

Heck...maybe both!

Either way.....the contestants have until March 9, 2019, to get healthy.

Podfest Multimedia Expo will be from March 7 - March 9, 2019 in beautiful, Orlando, Florida.

If you're a podcaster, someone who thinks they should be a guest on a podcast or who just wants to hang out with podcasters.....

Then join me, Dave Jackson, Jonathan Oakes and hundreds of other podcasters at the Podfest Multimedia Expo.

Here's the link to get more information:


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