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Welcome to The Weight Loss Nation!

May 29, 2018

Hey Weight Loss Nation!

Today I'm talking FISH. Why am I talking about fish?

Because, I'm not very fond of eating fish and I certainly don't know how to cook it right!

I AM one of America's Worst Cooks and I really want to be on that show!

If you know someone affiliated with America's Worst Cooks show, let me know! I want to learn how to cook! I want to LIVE healthier!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle is a bit difficult when you are NOT a good cook!

Then.....I really don't know what other types of fish to eat. I primarily eat Tuna Fish, Cod, Haddock, Shrimp and Scallops. Once in while I'll eat Salmon at a restaurant that I know has Wild Caught Salmon AND prepares it REALLY Well.

Let's face it! Fish is kinda gross!

The whole, smelly, scaly, EYES looking at you thing, is nasty.

I know you can walk into a grocery store and just buy it cut up and ready to cook.......

but, when you don't know how that kind of fish will taste, how to actually cook it properly.....and ......MOST Importantly......WHERE did that fish come from? 

It's easier to just walk over and pick up some grass fed beef or organic chicken.

Today, I found THE "Fish Nerd," who will educate you on WHAT fish to eat, and help you understand WHERE that fish came from!

Clay Groves hosts and produces the "Fish Nerds" Podcast.

Clay lives in the beautiful White Mountains area of New Hampshire. He LOVES fishing, EATING Fish and he is passionate about Sustainable Development.

I didn't know what that meant either, Clay advised me Sustainable Development is being responsible with developing our economy without depleting our natural resources. In this case.....FISH!

Clay states that ALL Fish is good for long as you know the fish came right out of the ocean, lake or river.

Most restaurants and grocery stores get their fish from "Fish Farms."

Fish Farms are where fish are raised in enclosures to be sold as food. It is the fastest growing area of animal food production. Today, almost HALF the fish consumed around the world, are raised in these artificial environments.

The most Commonly farmed species include salmon, tuna, cod, trout and halibut. 

Remember Nation.......My Motto is:

"If it grows out of the ground, hangs from a tree, roams the Earth, flies in the sky or SWIMS in the ocean...Eat it!"

A fish that is forced to swim in an artificial environment is NOT part of my motto or Weight Loss Nation's mission.

You have to know WHERE your fish is coming from!

Clay advises you to look on labels. It must say "Wild Caught" to be sustainable. most likely grew in one of these artificial fish farms!

Clay is extremely knowledgeable, and says that ALL fish, mollusks and living creatures in the sea are good for you, if prepared properly. 

There are "poisonous" fish and sea creatures out there! An example would be the "Puffer Fish."

If you would like to learn more about Fish, fishing, sourcing fish and pretty much anything to do with fish....check out  Fish Nerds

Clay Groves is a Licensed Fish Guide in New Hampshire and offers "Pontoon" family tours!

Clay will take you fishing on Silver Lake in his Pontoon Boat, or......maybe you & your family just want to hang out on the Pontoon Boat and eat & drink, while Capt. Clay drives the Pontoon around Silver Lake!

If you are interested in visiting the White Mountains in New Hampshire and going on a "Pontoon Boat" excusion.....then sign up for an AWESOME time with Capt. Clay Groves and swim, fish or just sit back and relax while Clay drives you around Silver Lake!

Here's the link to reserve your vacation.....

Family Fun on a Pontoon Lake Cruise

Want to learn more about Fish? Fishing? Fish Sourcing?

Listen to the "Fish Nerds" Podcast!


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