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Feb 20, 2018

Hey Weight Loss Nation!

While attending Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando, I had the opportunity to check out another Orlando Restaurant Menu for Healthy Meals.

If you're interested in learning more about Podfest Multimedia Expo go to

Tonight, I checked out FishBones a restaurant boasting "fresh fish' and aged steaks.

FishBones claims to....."offer the freshest just-caught seafood flown in daily."

FishBones also claims to be ....listed as one of America's Top Ten Seafood Restaurants.

Let me check that out!

I "Googled" America's Top Ten Seafood Restaurants....and FishBones was not in the six different lists I viewed.

I then "Googled" Top Ten Seafood Restaurants in Central Florida.....Guess What?

FishBones made Trip Advisor's Top Ten List!

Now that we got that straightened out......let's get to my review!

Charley and Ron Woodsby.....the father and son team, who started "Talk of the Town Restaurants, Inc." in 1974.....currently own ten restaurants in the Central Florida area.

The restaurants are privately owned, and are comprised of such familiar names as .......

"Charley's Steak House" named after Charley Woodsby himself, "Texas Cattle Company", "Johnnies Hideaway," "Vito's Chop House", "Moon Fish" and of course the restaurant I'm reviewing today....... FishBones.

The corporate office took on the name "Talk of the Town Restaurants, Inc." and today has over 1000 employees with 64 million dollars in sales among ten restaurants.

There are two "FishBone" restaurant locations:

1. Lake Mary Location

7005 County Road 46A
( H E Thomas Jr Pkwy )
Lake Mary, FL 32746


Happy Hour: 4:30pm-6:30pm
Available in the bar and patio only

Dinging Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 5pm-10pm
Fri-Sat: 5pm-11pm


2. Orlando, FL Location

6707 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819


Happy Hour: 4:30pm-6:30pm
Available in the bar only

Dining Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 5pm-10:30pm
Fri-Sat: 5pm-11pm

This review is for the Orlando, FL location only.

When you walk into FishBones Restaurant, you realize Seafood is a specialty here. 

From the big, Aquarium greeting you as you enter, to the maritime feel of the furniture and decor.

My party of Podcasters were greeted by FishBones Hostess - Alexa.

Alexa was cordial, kind and we were seated in a more "private section" for our large party to talk and hear ourselves talk.

We were greeted by our waiter Xavier, who introduced himself to our party of Podcasters and gave each of us a drink menu and dinner menu.

Xavier promptly asked if any of us wanted a glass of water while we looked over the menus.......and being I drink lots of water all day, I replied a big "Yes" as well as a few of my other colleagues.

The Menu at FishBones has a variety of items to suit your taste.

The prices are don't come to FishBones if you are going to have a "chicken" entree.

The Fish is boasted to be "Fresh" and flown in to the restaurant "daily."

Steaks are aged steaks and cooked over an 1100° citrus and oak wood fire, the Prime Rib is cooked for 23-hours...... slow roasted.

BoneFish has an award winning Wine Menu.....

Award of Excellence

I'm a Chardonnay girl and Xavier suggested a Chardonnay Wine for me....and it was very good. 

Chardonnay is $8.00 - $17.00 a glass. 

One of the "specials" of the day was "Trigger fish"

I never heard of Trigger fish and Xavier said it was flown in that day from Hawaii. When I asked him to describe Trigger Fish....Xavier stated it was like Sea Bass and would flake when I put my fork in it.

I ordered the Trigger Fish and each entree comes with salad, "garlic cheese .....butter well as a "Signature Side."

I did not touch the Garlic Cheese Butter Bread....and it was looked delicious and my compadres were .....ummming and yumming over it.

I did have salad, and I opted for a "premium side" since the signature sides were pretty much all about potatoes.

I ordered the "creamed kale." since they didn't have "creamed spinach" on the menu.

I was worried how "creamed kale" would turn out...

The "trigger fish" came plated with a sauteed onion glaze and the "creamed kale" was in a separate bowl on the plate.

The trigger fish was delicious! Flaky just as Xavier said it would be...and the portion size was very good.

The "creamed kale" was excellent too! The Kale was soft and had the same "creamy" flavor that creamed spinach would have. Pleasantly delighted with creamed Kale.

Xavier was very attentive to all our needs.....and Executive Chef.....Marcus King......came over to our table to see how everything was. 

My entree was awesome......unfortunately my buddy Joseph didn't have the same experience as I did.

Joseph ordered the "whole gulf snapper" I was going to split the snapper with him, since I LOVE snapper, but I thought the snapper was cut and filleted.

No........they cook the whole damn fish on the citrus oak wood fire....head, eyes and tail!

Then they cut open the fish and there the whole damn fish is on your plate.  YUCKY for me!!!! Hell no........

I don't want no fish with it's head and eyes looking at me while I'm eating. Plus it had ALL the bones in it. It's like eating the fish like a cave man for the love of God!

I had to decline and I ordered the Trigger Fish.

When Joseph's entree was placed before him.....I could smell a very "fishy" odor coming from his plate. Very odd for a place that "Boasts" how fresh the fish is.

Within seconds.....Joseph was asking me if I smelled a "fishy" smell. I told him and we both took a bite. It tasted ok...but I wouldn't want to eat any fish that "smells" fishy.

Either the fish wasn't stored properly or the fish just wasn't fresh. 

Joseph told Xavier and he ordered the "Florida Gator" appetizer instead.

Within a few minutes......Yassine El Harra.....the Manager came over to Joseph and apologized whole-heartedly about the "Snapper." 

Nice gesture! 

After Joseph started eating his "Gator" All was good!

The rest of the dinner service, conversation and meal was fabulous!

How do I rate FishBones with our Weight Loss Nation thumbs up scale?

My Trigger Fish dinner and service gets a BIG 2 thumbs up!

Joseph's "Whole Snapper" gets a a BIG 2 thumbs down!

Overall.....the service, food and atmosphere gets 1 1/2 Thumbs Up!

If you're looking for a really good seafood restaurant in Central Florida.....Go visit FishBones in Orlando.

They're located at .......

6707 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819


I'd like to personally thank Andrea Sutton - Operations Manager, Yassine El Harra - Manager for our lovely group that evening......

as well as Marcus King....executive chef ......Xavier our awesome waiter......and Alexa......our very pleasant and kind hostess!

FishBones is expensive and you can expect to pay over $25 an entree.

I wouldn't bring kids under 8 or kids that can't behave. People are spending a lot of money for excellent food and service......leave the kids home and have an awesome night out with your loved one or friends!

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