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Welcome to The Weight Loss Nation!

Jan 24, 2017

Have you tried Crossfit yet?

I've been working with Coach Casey Schmidt as CrossFit FTM over in Valrico, Florida for the past 12 weeks.

CrossFit will kick your butt!

I have more energy, more strength in my legs and upper body and I gained 5 lbs of muscle!

You have a CrossFit "Box" near your residence!

Go to and enter your zipcode to find the nearest CrossFit "Box" (CrossFitters call their facility a Box, instead of a gym). 

Coach Casey Schmidt owns CrossFit FTM (which stands for "Fine Tuned Machine") in Valrico, Florida.

With daily classes to fit your schedule, CrossFit FTM is ready to help you lose weight and get fit.

Coach Casey has a 6 Week Challenge starting now!, and our Weight Loss Nation audience will receive a discount!

Go to and on the contact form tell Coach Casey you heard about the 6 week challenge on Weight Loss Nation.

You will receive a $25 Discount off the 6 week session!

Regular price is $250.00 

Weight Loss Nation Audience price - $225.00

Call Coach Casey at 813-966-3958 to reserve your spot in the upcoming session!

Coach Casey is in the new CrossFit Documentary titled - "Functional Fitness Movie."

The Documentary recently premiered in Tampa, FL and will be on Amazon and Netflix soon!

Check out the website to find out more about the Cross Fit Documentary


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Thanks for listening! I appreciate the time you took to listen to this episode of Weight Loss Nation!