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Welcome to The Weight Loss Nation!

Jun 23, 2017

Hey Weight Loss Nation!

Weight Loss Nation

How is your healthy lifestyle going? 

If you are new to Weight Loss Nation, I want to "Thank You," for being here!

LIVED a very unhealthy lifestyle, for almost my entire life. I gained weight and I lost weight. Then I would gain more weight and then lose weight.

I lived the "yo-yo" diet life, for almost 40 years!

Can you identify your emotions?

Do you know the difference between feeling frustrated and anger? Between feeling anxious and uncomfortable?

I did not!

I could tell you when I was feeling "happy" and when I was feeling "sad." That's it.

If I felt any other "emotion," I wasn't able to identify it, which meant I didn't know how to "deal with it." 

So what did I do? I "stuffed" myself with food.

Have you ever "stuffed" yourself with food, to stop the feeling?

That is a very "unhealthy" way to deal with emotions. Yet, it is a very common reaction many of us have.

It took me until the ripe old age of "54" to start realizing, I was living an unhealthy and "insane lifestyle."

There is NO "Diet" out there, that is going to help you life a "healthy lifestyle." A DIET is a quick fix to losing weight and a "guarantee" to gain weight again.

I developed "Weight Loss Nation," because I saw the need to help thousands of people, who are struggling with losing weight and living unhealthy.

I knew if I started a journey that would lead me to a long-term healthy lifestyle, I could ask "anyone" to walk with me on the same journey and have the same results!

Listen to the "Weight Loss Nation" Podcast. 

Follow me on the journey to a long-term healthy lifestyle. I promise I will get you there!

You may already be on your journey. If so, join me and let's walk the journey together. 

The Weight Loss Nation

If you don't know how to start the journey towards a long-term healthy lifestyle, keep listening to the Weight Loss Nation Podcast.

You will learn about food....REAL food. You will learn what effect different foods have on your body. 

You will hear from experts, authors and people just like you and me.......telling their story of living an unhealthy lifestyle and what they did to change that.

Today...... on Weight Loss Nation, I am speaking with Katie Krimitsos, the host and producer of Biz Women Rock Podcast

A Katie Krimitsos I didn't know. 

Katie tells the story of her past struggle with dieting, losing weight and being "obsessed" with Diet Coke. An obsession that made her very sick and could have killed her.

I love to hear other people's stories about issues with food. When I hear them, I don't feel alone. I don't feel different. I have something in common with them. 

Even better...... I love hearing other people's "success stories." Overcoming the demons that possess us, in regards to food.

Listen to Katie Krimitsos' story and learn how she conquered her own demons and is now living the long-term healthy lifestyle.

Are you a member of the "Biz Women Rock" community? 

I am!

Check out the community.....a women only community, that is made up of women business owners. 

Have a question regarding your business? Questions about marketing, branding, obtaining new clients, selling products or services?

Check out the Biz Women Rock Community and get answers to your questions!

Want to hear business women inspired stories?

check out the Biz Women Rock Podcast

Rev up your woman owned business!