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Jan 31, 2017

Hey Weight Loss Nation!

Today, I am having a conversation with Terry Davis, a Sumter County, Florida resident, who gained over 150 pounds, after battling colon cancer, and losing both her parents a short time after each other.

Terry survived colon cancer and developed a difficult relationship with food. During her cancer treatment, Terry had many, many days of not wanting to eat. She felt nauseous, and the smells of certain foods caused her to lose her appetite. 

When Terry beat the colon cancer, she began to feel that she wanted to eat, "what she wanted to eat. if she wanted to eat chocolate cake....she ate it. If she wanted to eat fried chicken.....she ate it. Terry found herself eating more and more food. 

The weight quickly added up and Terry found herself at 303 pounds!

Terry was tired, depressed and staying at home. Terry became her father's caretaker and cared for him 24 hours a day. Soon after her father passed, Terry's mother became sick and she found herself taking care of her mother too. It was a full-time job for Terry. Friends and neighbors brought food over to Terry's house to help out. Terry was eating macaroni and cheese, fried chicken and other fatty and "comfort" foods during this time.  

Terry turned to food to deal with her emotions. 

Terry was in a tailspin. 

One day, a few months after Terry's parents had both passed away, Terry felt like she was weak and passing out. Terry went to her doctor and the doctor sent her to the ER right away.

In the ER, Terry had all kinds of tests. The ER Doctor came into the room and had a conversation with Terry. The Doctor told Terry that the tests revealed that she had diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Doctor told Terry that she was a "pretty woman, but she was FAT!" The Doctor asked Terry if she had any grand-children. Terry responded, "Not yet." The Doctor proceeded to tell Terry that she would never see her grandchildren if she didn't immediately start losing weight. The ER Doctor told Terry to start on a low carb meal plan and that she would lose the weight and reverse the diabetes and high blood pressure. But...she had to start immediately!

The conversation with the ER Doctor really hit Terry. It hit her like a rock. No one had ever told her that she was "Fat" before. Family members would tell her to start eating right and exercising, but no one ever told her she was fat. At that moment....Terry knew she had to make a drastic change in her life.

Terry went home and started throwing out all the boxed food and high carb items in her house. Terry began buying healthy low-carb fruit and vegetables. Terry ate more protein. Soon, Terry lost 10 pounds! Terry knew she needed help from her family and friends to support her on this journey.

Terry turned to Face Book for the answer.

Terry started a Face Book page titled, "New Body Under Construction The Low Carb Way." Terry started her journey and began telling her story on the Face Book page. Terry's friends and family began "cheering her on," and Terry had the support she needed to change her lifestyle. Soon, other friends began asking Terry if they could be part of the group, and the journey grew.

Seven months later, the Face Book page has over 1,900 members!

People have shared their "very low carb" way of life. People share stories, recipes and questions regarding being on an "Atkin's" program.

Here's the link to Terry's Face Book page:

New Body Under Construction The Low Carb Way

Terry has currently lost over 116 pounds!

She continues to eat, following the "Atkin's" way of eating. Atkin's is very low carb. Many people have had success being on the Atkin's eating plan. Many people don't do well on it.

If you would like to research more information on the Atkin's plan, here is the website to research it:


Everyone is different. Each individual has a different blood type. We each have unique DNA and genetic markers. Our metabolism's are different. 

It is important to look at many different meal plans, to determine which plan will be the plan that you can do everyday for the rest of your life.

This is a lifestyle Nation! You need to eat to live!

Food fuels your body!

You cannot be on some radical "diet," to lose weight and keep it off. It won't work. I promise you! I've been there done that!

Weight Loss Nation is the ONLY place where many different meal plans and modalities are discussed. WLN wants you to succeed in your journey to a long-term healthy lifjestyle!

I am on the REAL FOOD program!

If it grows from the ground, from a tree; if it roams the earth....flies in the sky or swims in the ocean.....I can eat it!

I stay away from boxed foods, white flour, white rice, white potatoes and white bread. They are all processed and many of the vitamins and nutrients are depleted.

I eat low carb, but not excessive. I eat sweet potatoes. I eat Quinoa. I occasionally eat brown rice and I eat beans.

I eat carbs in moderation. I'm working on portion size. Once in awhile.....I will have Pizza! or ....I'll have a few Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! And even less.... in fact only twice in the last 9 months I ate ice cream. 

It's all about education, eating healthy, exercising and mindset! 

Weight Loss Nation is here to assist you on YOUR journey!

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