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Nov 22, 2016

Having a massage will assist you in eliminating toxins from the tissues in your body.

Linda Gagnon, a certified Massage Therapist and owner of Healing Hands Therapy in New Port Richey, Florida, states you should research a massage therapist prior to booking an appointment with one.

Go to the American Massage Therapy Association website to find a cetified massage therapist in your area.  Go to

If you are in the New Port Richey, Floirda area and like to contact Linda Gagnon, you can go to:

You can also call Linda at (727) 844-3193.

Linda Gagnon is also a published author. Writing under the pseudonym LL Dahl-Jensen. Linda has written a suspenseful thriller about a woman who is a mob boss's wife. Look for "Rita, Rita" on 

Here's the link for the book -

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Have A Happy Thanksgiving everyone!