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May 31, 2016

Suzanna McGee once held the title of Miss Natural Olympia, and she is now a performance enhancement coach and helps athletes achieve peak performance through a natural, plant based diet. She lives in Venice Beach, CA and is excited to share her story of switching to a plant-based diet.


Being plant based is different than being Vegan. A plant based diet is actually eating whole foods, that are plant based. That means no animal products and no processed foods. 


There are different reasons to switch to a plant-based diet and Suzanna actually made the switch as an experiment. She tried it for 90 days and she waited to see how she felt. She felt so good that she kept the plant based diet.


Plant protein is easier to digest and it helps your body maintain an alkaline environment in your body.


Reasons to be on a plant based diet:


  1. Energy - you will have more energy than you ever knew was possible
  2. You feel lighter
  3. It’s cheaper than eating meat
  4. You will sleep better
  5. Your focus will be improved
  6. You don’t feel heavy and sluggish after meals
  7. You will feel more alert, even after eating
  8. Your productivity will increase because of improved focus



Trying a plant-based diet for one month will allow you to see how you will feel.


A Day of eating in the life of Suzanna consists of:



Smoothie or Fresh juice (500 to 600 calories)


A workout in the middle of the day


Post-Workout meal:

Cold meal:


Banana milk

Pumpkin seed protein powder

*Tastes like blueberry ice cream 


Hot meal:







Sprouted lentils


Spicy chili sauce

Salad - lots of vegetables and dressing with lemon juice and stevia


Suzanna stopped using oil because it’s processed and instead gets her fat from seeds, nuts etc.


Countries with the highest consumption of dairy have the highest rate of osteoporosis. Dairy causes our bodies not to absorb calcium properly.



Sprouted Lentils are more easily digested because they are sprouted. Soak lentils and let them sprout slightly. Then you get more nutrients and enzymes, and this allows you to not have to cook them and kill the enzymes with heat.


Healthy Plant-Based Carbohydrates:


  • Fruits - fresh and delicious with lots of vitamins and minerals


Is it ok to eat wheat?


Wheat is tricky. We eat too much of it and our bodies are sensitive to it.




Suzanna's Book: The Athletes Simple Guide to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

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