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Jul 14, 2017

Hey Weight Loss Nation!

It's Concoction Friday!

Today, I'm going to tell you how I SAUTED Chicken from MY OWN Kitchen!

Last week, I interviewed Chef Todd Mohr, from Web Cooking 

Chef Todd gave ME and ALL of Weight Loss Nation the "5 Skills Taught in Culinary School That is Essential for Home Cooking." 

Chef Todd was kind enough to take it a step further....

AND he taught us how to "SAUTE" ANY Protein.

Chef Todd Mohr told us the "9 Steps" to Saute properly.

I promised I would do the 9 Steps and report back to all of you!

Well....... it's Concoction Friday and I'm ready to report...... I did it and......... I am my own worst enemy!

I DID NOT follow the "9 Steps" EXACTLY as Chef Todd Mohr told me to do.

What happened? 

I burnt everything I put into the pan! LOL!

This was MY Fault! I had the "9 Steps" written down in the EXACT order Chef Todd taught me.

Instead.......I "looked over" the "9 Steps" and then went into the kitchen without the paper.

I tried to "Saute" by Myself! OMG!

I decided to try it again. This time, I was bringing the paper with the detailed "9 Steps to SAUTE" with me.

I followed the "Saute Cooking Method" just the way Chef Todd Mohr taught me.

Guess what happened this time?

I successfully SAUTED Chicken! Yeah!......

Chef Todd Mohr is awesome! I did it! I loved the meal!

Here are the "9 Steps to Saute ANY Protein," as Chef Todd Mohr taught us on last week's Weight Loss Nation Chef Todd Mohr's Interview 

9 Steps To SAUTE ANY Protein:

1. Pan Hot

2. Good Fat on Bottom of Pan (Light Coating)

3. Fat Hot

4. Add Protein

5. Cook 75% of Protein

6. Plate Protein

7. Add Veggies, potatoes, spices etc.

8. "Deglaze" add liquid (ex: chicken broth, wine etc)     stir bits & pieces from bottom pan into liquid.

9. Put Protein back in pan and spoon over sauce.          Once meat is 165`(use digital thermometer) 

    It's DONE!

Have brown rice, quinoa or sweet potatoes as a side dish. 

That's a healthy meal and it's EASY to make!

I did it! YOU can to!!

Visit Chef Todd Mohr on his website -

You'll find all kinds of different videos to help you become a "Home Cook." 

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Thanks for listening......I REALLY appreciate it!

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Have a Healthy Week WLN!