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Apr 14, 2017

Hey Weight Loss Nation!

Go Grab Some Green Balls Today and Burn More Calories!

Today, I am following up from last week’s episode on the unbelievable Health Benefits of Green Tea.

I will be showing you  a simple….you know I need simple…recipe which includes “Matcha” Green Tea Powder.

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Here’s Today’s Concoction Friday Recipe!


Green Balls of Health

Makes 10 Small Balls (5 Servings)

Serving Size – 2 Balls



““Matcha”” is when the green tea leaves are dried, they are then “stone ground,” into a fine powder.

When you use ““Matcha”” green tea powder in your food and beverages, you are consuming the “whole leaf,” instead of drinking the nutrients, which are permeated into the water from “steeping” a tea bag or tea ball.

““Matcha”” will provide you with 3x the amount of nutrients from green tea leaves than a green tea bag.

Something to think about…..right?? 


A study written in an article in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition  found that consuming “Matcha,”increased the body’s rate of burning calories.  The average rate of burning calories is  5 – 10% normal daily energy, while consuming “Matcha” just once a day, can increase the normal daily energy of burning calories 35 – 40% a day.

That’s quite an increase! Keep burning calories ALL DAY by consuming ““Matcha”” green tea powder and drinking Green Tea!

What?? You didn’t listen to the previous episode about the unbelievable nutritious value of Green Tea?

Well…. Go back and listen to it! You’ll understand why I’ve added the “Green Balls” recipe.


Let’s get to the Green Balls Recipe!



  1. Add dates and almonds to a food processor and mix it until the ingredients come together into a “sticky ball.”


  1. Break up ball and add in cacao powder, “Matcha” powder and almond milk.


  1. Turn the processor on again and mix until all ingredients have been combined and form into a large sticky ball again.


  1. Roll into 10 small balls and sprinkle some more “Matcha” powder on each ball or roll each ball into “Matcha” powder on a cooking board.


  1. Store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks or longer in freezer.


Feeling Sluggish? Just Exercised?  Grab 2 Green Balls For More Energy!


 Nutritional Value


Serving Size  =  2 Balls

Calories –  160

Protein –  2gms

Fat – 2 gms

Carbs -  10.5 gms

Sugar -  7 gms


Vitamins & Minerals

Vit A, Vit B1, B2(riboflavin) B3, B5, B9

Calcium,  Potassium, Iron, Vit E (important for Red Blood Cell Production)

Vit D & Vit K – Strong Bones & Teeth,

Magnesium, Zinc  AND Rich in Anti-Oxidants….. the biggest is in the

“Matcha” Green Tea Powder…… which contains the Cat-e-kin EGCG….

Our “Pac Man” family…… which helps our cells  “EAT & DESTROY”

FREE RADICAL CELLS which cause Cancer and other harmful diseases!

So……go ahead and make GREEN BALLS….They are Soooooo Good for you!


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