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Welcome to The Weight Loss Nation!

Apr 5, 2019

Hey Weight Loss Nation!


Today.....I'm going to be Happy!

I'm going to be Happy...and.....I'm going to FEEL Happiness....without EATING!

I NEED to FEEL the Happiness fully....without food.

I want you to be Happy today!

Smile at a stranger today....I promise they will smile back...or....give you a second look! One or the other will happen.

Go do something you enjoy doing!

Go walking...go swimming....go read a book! Whatever you want to do ....that will make you happy.

While your at it....go back and listen to S2 Ep004, which came out on 11/17/16. 

I interviewed Patricia Noll the "Happiness Coach" and I want you to feel HAPPY as much as you can today!

Thanks to Pachyderm for the Happy Song!

If you are an Emotional Eater and an Overeater...and you want to SLAY Emotional Eating....join me in the Weight Loss Nation Community...

You will be in a SAFE share your thoughts...feelings...emotions with our community members.... who feel just like you!

I welcome YOU to the community!

For ONE Day.....FEEL Happiness.....without eating!

Enjoy the emotion!

Enjoy the feeling!


We WILL conquer Emotional Eating One Day at a Time!