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Mar 13, 2018

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Brussels Sprout are part of the “wild cabbage” & “mustard seed” family.

According to the “New World Encyclopedia,” Brussels Sprout were likely cultivated in Ancient Rome and possibly as early as 1200 B.C. in Belgium’s Capital City - Brussels.

So.....YES....Brussels Sprout comes from Brussels, Belgium!

There is written documentation of Brussels Sprout as early as 1587, being used as a vegetable crop and it is believed Brussels Sprout originated from a mutation from the “Savoy Cabbage.”

The vegetable grows as a “Stem,” which the “sprouts” grow into a “cabbage-like” head.

Many rows of sprouts are produced on a single…..long…..stem.  The leafy, green buds look like miniature “cabbages.”

There are two main varieties that are grown. One is the “tall” variety, which stands 2-4 feet tall…..and the second is the “short” variety, which grows to a maximum of 2 feet tall.

Brussels Sprout like “cool” temperatures and produces best at between 60-65 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Fields are ready for “harvest,” between 90 days to 6 months.

Depending on the variety, a Brussels Sprout “stalk,” can product 1 ½ - 3 pounds of Brussels Sprout per Stalk! That’s a lot of Brussels Sprout!

Brussels Sprout were brought to the U.S, around 1800, when French Settlers brought them to Louisiana.

Commercial production began in the Louisiana Delta around 1925, and production was moved to mid-California in 1939. Some of the production was also moved to New York in the same year.

Much of the U.S. production of Brussels Sprout is in California, with a smaller percentage grown in Skagit Valley, Washington, where cool springs, mild summers, and rich soil is perfect for the Brussels Sprout.  An even smaller percentage is grown on Long Island, New York, where it is also cool in spring and fall.

Currently, there are several thousand acres planted in coastal areas of San Mateo, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties of California which offer an ideal combination of coastal fog and cool temperatures year-round.

About 80 to 85 percent of U.S. production is for the frozen food market, with the remainder for fresh consumption.



AMOUNT PER SERVING -  1 Cup  =  88gms.


Calories 38


Total Fat 0.3 g


Saturated fat 0.1 g


Polyunsaturated fat 0.1 g


Monounsaturated fat 0 g


Cholesterol 0 mg


Sodium 22 mg


Potassium 342 mg


Total Carbohydrate 8 g


Dietary fiber 3.3 g


Sugar 1.9 g


Protein 3 g



Vitamin A


Vitamin C

125 %





Vitamin D


Vitamin B-6


Vitamin B-12




Vitamin K         195%




Brussels Sprout contain Sulfur Compounds that not only give it its “bitter” taste, but also combat cancer cells.

Brussels Sprout have shown promising results in studies, with pancreatic cancer as well as melanoma cancer cells.

Brussels Sprouts also contain a lot of “chlorophyll” which gives the plant its GREEN color.

Chlorophyll has been shown in studies to block the cancerous effect that “charred” meats generate.

1 Cup of Brussels Sprout gives you a great amount of Calcium & Vit K.

Vit K and Calcium are necessary for Bone Strength & Growth.

Brussels Sprout contain an “anti-oxidant” called “alpha-lipoic acid,” which studies have shown help lower glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity and prevent oxidative stress – which means………


“Brussels Sprouts” are part of WLN’s PAC MAN Family!

That’s right………Brussels Sprouts are a SUPER FOOD!

The alpha-lipoic acid will help search, sound the alarm & fight mutated cells, cancer cells, bacteria & viruses in your body!

Brussels sprouts belong to the few vegetables that have protein in them, providing a whopping 4gms of protein in a 1 Cup Serving!

They also have a huge amount of Vit C and Vit A, which help you have healthy vision and skin!

1 Cup of Brussels Sprout will provide you with 195% of your daily Vit K allowance, and 125% of your Vit C daily allowance.

That’s one Super Food!

Friday, on.....Concoction Friday.....I'll be giving you a Brussels Sprout recipe that you can try at home.

I haven't had "Brussels Sprout" in like.......50 years! 

I'm not kidding!

This is going to be a BIG step for me to take!

Let's see if I still HATE Brussels Sprout.....or.....if I am adult enought to have the ability to eat a "Super Food" like Brussels Sprout!

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