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Welcome to The Weight Loss Nation!

Jul 7, 2017

Hey Weight Loss Nation!

Are you a good cook? A so-so Cook? A terrible cook?

I'm a TERRIBLE cook!

I need a recipe to cook a meal.!

I had a conversation with Chef Todd Mohr. Chef Todd is from the Baltimore, MD area. He has been to culinary school, taught Culinary Courses and now has his own "on line" cooking courses for all home cooks to learn from.

Chef Todd has a FREE gift for all Weight Loss Nation listeners. 

Chef Todd is giving WLN listeners his "5 Forks to Freestyle Cooking" eBook.

Just go to this website

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Chef Todd is sharing with WLN the "5 Skills Taught in Culinary School That is Essential for Home Cooks."

Here are the 5 Skills:

1. Knife Skills

2. How Heat Effects Food

3. Cooking Methods

4. Sauces

5. Herbs & Spices

Chef Todd says if you are proficient in these "5 Skills," you will be an awesome home cook!

I asked Chef Todd if he would go deeper into one of the "5 Skills."

Chef Todd said, "Let's talk about Cooking Methods."

Chef Todd teaches us how to "Saute."

Here are the 9 Steps you need to learn how to "Saute" your protein:

1. Pan Hot

2. Light coating of a "Good Fat" to the bottom of your pan.


4. Add Protein to the pan.

5. Cook your Protein 75% on one side.

6. Turn your Protein over and cook 25% in pan.

7. Take Protein off pan & onto plate. Add veggies, and/or onions to pan. Make "flavorful" veggies now!

8. Deglaze with liquid (ex: chicken broth).

9. Put Protein back in pan with sauce. Stir and baste protein.

    Plate your delicious and gorgeous Protein!

    Add brown rice, quinoa or beans as a side dish!


Awesome Lesson today! I can't wait to "saute" some chicken and practice what I learned today. I'll do it and report how I did on Concoction Friday.

Want to learn more about the "5 Skills that is Essential for Home Cooks?"

Go to Chef Todd's Website

and "click" on the "cooking" tab.

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Thanks soooo much for listening to Weight Loss Nation! I appreciate it very much and I want you to walk this life long journey with me!

Diane Daniels