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Welcome to The Weight Loss Nation!

Jul 29, 2016

Welcome Weight Loss Nation! On Wednesday's episode, we talked about what a healthy option pork is - it really is the other white meat. So today, I wanted to give you this wonderful recipe to grill your pork chops in a new way!


Pork Chop L’Orange

Servings : 4


1 TBS Organic Honey                          ...

Jul 27, 2016

The pig is one of the oldest forms of livestock, having been domesticated as early as 5000 BC. It is believed to have been domesticated either in the Near East or in China from the wild boar. Since pigs are “omnivorous,” meaning they eat meat & vegetables, they were easy to keep & breed by farmers.

Later, as pork...

Jul 22, 2016

Welcome Weight Loss Nation! It's Concoction Friday and since we talked about watermelon in Tuesday's episode, I knew it was time for a refreshing watermelon recipe!


Watermelon Cucumber Salad 

This is very a light, fresh and cool salad that can be enjoyed anytime and with any meal or just as a nice in...

Jul 19, 2016

I love watermelon! It’s the perfect fruit this time of year. I love it because it is refreshing, tastes great and it is low in calories.


Watermelon originated in the desert in Africa and it was also used in ancient Egypt to nourish those on their journeys in the afterlife.


It’s 90% water, and was brought to the...

Jul 15, 2016

Welcome Weight Loss Nation! Today begins our Concoction Fridays - I’ll have a healthy recipe for you each week.


Today also wraps up the 90 day challenge for Weight Loss Nation and the winner of the challenge will win a FREE 7 day cruise from our sponsor, Carnival Cruise Lines!


The challenge is just the beginning...