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May 20, 2016

Barbara is a rehabilitation counselor, specializing in hearing impaired clients. Barb started studying audiology and speech pathology in college. She decided to work with the hearing impaired, and that led her to vocational rehabilitation. Her practice today consists of Somatic Intuitive Training, so we’ll talk about what that entails in this interview.


One of the highlights of Barbs career has been working with disabled veterans. She works with those who have experienced emotional trauma in combat situations.


Emotional trauma is an extreme reaction to an unsettling situation. 


Emotional trauma is handled by people differently, and sometimes we don’t even realize our bodies are reacting to it.


Trauma always involves loss. Trauma is stressful.


Stress can have an impact your health. Chronic stress can impact your immune system and your digestive system.


All of these things affect your ability to be healthy, and eat healthy.


Barb uses Somatic Intuitive Training in her practice. It’s a process different from counseling and it allows you to really tell your story. You are able to pull up memories and interact with the memory internally. Then you are able to express what you want to work on, change or improve. 


You can then bring up feelings of peace and happiness surrounding those memories. Then through guided imagery, you can deal with emotions that you don’t even know how to label. Once you figure out what those emotions are, then you can be done with it. 


Barb’s normal process is to have 10 sessions with you to “unpack” all your emotions and learn how to deal with them positively.


Through her process, you can also discern how you use food to deal with emotions. Food is intertwined with so many of our celebratory events in society. So, it’s important to understand how your relationship with food may need to change to improve your health and weight.


It’s never too late to change, and you can always improve in some area by going through this process.


You can get in touch with Barb at:


Phone: 727-409-7428 (call or text)


For businesses, Barb has the ability to do staff development trainings and group sessions for your company. This is a fantastic option for any stressful profession.


Barb hosts a Weight Loss Nation Support Meeting every Tuesday from 5-5:30pm, EST.


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