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Welcome to The Weight Loss Nation!

Apr 26, 2016

Today's guest is Bruce Langford, creator of the Mindfulness Mode Podcast. Bruce addresses the most important aspect of our weight loss - our minds!

By being mindful and living in the moment, you can really take the time to change your relationship with food. Bruce shares 5 Mindful Eating Strategies with us today. Each one of these strategies can help reshape your thinking about food. It's all an effort to make us more mindful in our relationship with food. Old habits die hard, but these new strategies can become the new habits that will help replace the old habits that led to weight gain and unhealthy living.

Mindfulness is a practice and it won't happen overnight. But as you continue in your practice, new habits will be developed. - get the free pdf about how to calm your mind

PDF with today's strategies will be available at


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