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Jun 17, 2016

Today’s guest is Amanda Doughty! Amanda lives in Maine and is a podcaster. Her podcast is about beer, which may not exactly seem like a topic for a Weight Loss Program, but Amanda's story of getting healthy and having a good relationship with food is compelling. That's the reason she's involved in Weight Loss Nation and why she's here today!


She started by having a blog and ended up falling in love with craft beer. Amanda eventually created her own podcast called, The Great Beer Adventure. 


Amanda became involved in Weight Loss Nation when she realized that she has not always lived a healthy life. She struggled with an eating disorder when she was younger. The eating disorder really threw her metabolism out of whack. At times, she would get healthy and then would revert back to her eating disorder. She realized that she didn’t have a healthy relationship with food.


Now she focuses on trying to live an active and healthy lifestyle. She wants to be strong enough to do exactly what she wants to do in life. Now that she has 2 daughters, she is focused on raising strong, powerful women.


Amanda is contributing to the supportive group within The Weight Loss Nation Community and is committed to being a part of the tools and resources to empower you to live a healthy life. 


Amanda has weekly meetings for Weight Loss Nation on Friday mornings at 6am.


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